Paint your sky

In the shadow of those dark skies, You lay awake. You ponder more about The times you failed. Afraid to close your eyes, To be sound and safe. The howling clouds reminded you Of the demons, you chase. If only, you would have peeped. Under your bed, you could’ve seen. The paint brush lay there, … More Paint your sky

The Loser

This poem revolves around the theme of depression.  Its more like a story. I wrote this piece while I was thinking about how depression is not a result of a single step and how multiple things like heartbreaks,  ignorance,  isolation etc compiles together to make a person depressed. Thus,  giving a voice to an idea … More The Loser

Dark places

Life is not a cake walk and the tag line of my blog ‘life is for living’ is not as easy and thrilling as it sounds when it’s actually applied. Life is an adventure. It is complicated and it’s not always bright. Sometimes life is dark, sometimes it starts trembling at a sudden and sometimes … More Dark places


One of the many things that hurts me is the sight of homeless old people being treated unfairly or cruelly. Their wrinkled, lifeless, innocent faces get stored in my head immediately when I see them and then I can’t get them out of my head. The grief they feel, the discrimination, betrayal is reflected in … More Homeless