Dreams and Desires

‘Dreams are magnificent and colorful. They can be embraced with eyes closed and open.’

Dreams can be seen while you’re asleep as well as when you are awake. The ones that play in our heads are our imagination of possible and impossible adventures we can have, they can be fascinating and absurd at the same time. They are often the results of our desires that even we might be unaware of. But, the ones that we consciously dream for ourselves are much more enthralling, usually honored by the term ‘goals’.

We all have desires and we all have a vision to attain the untouched joy. These desires arises passions within us and the passion motivates us to work towards our dreams. Dreams are powerful as they are conclusive of passion and desires. They are wishes that are lightened vibrantly with possible splendor and the thing about dreams that we see with open eyes is that they are all beautifully contenting.  ‘All dreamers are same despite being diverse. All dreamers are optimists.’ Regardless of ideological differences and the kind of situations we are in right now. When we dreamed we were all optimists. A dreamer always dreams positive outcome for himself that would open the gates of happiness and lead to the fulfillment of his desires.

I’ve dreamed a lot of things for myself, like you and I’ve seen my friends pouring the elixir of glories in their dreams as well. But, with a heavy heart and a wounded soul, I admit that I’ve seen people’s dreams die more often than coming true. The common reason behind this is that ‘we often end up dreaming endless dreams rather than working on them.’

Life is treacherous, it’s unstable.

We never know what’s waiting for us down the road,

Maybe a new grief to grieve about or a debacle!

We might not always reap what we sow.

Hard work don’t always pay in cash or fame.

We can run out of places to live, to grow.

Time doesn’t give us time to realize

That this moment is our only chance,

The one we’re letting go.

It is deplorable to see that though we know where we went wrong, we do nothing  to make it right. We get tangled with the ideas of our priorities and of others and shift our focus from our dreams. Losing focus means losing the drive, this thing kills the passion burning within us and eventually leaves a cave of regrets.

Do what your heart loves doing,

Wake up feeling excited not tired.

Live your life on your own terms,

Tomorrow is not a day you’ll find happiness,

It’s today, don’t let the frost overtake your fire.

We are afraid of being criticized and failing. But, isn’t it better to fail at something rather than not doing it? Dreams are possibilities and possibilities are possible! Don’t doubt yourself, your ideas, work or anything. Just work towards achieving your dreams more than dreaming about new things. Don’t think you’ll do it once you get better because at the present you are the best of yourself and somehow that should be more than enough to be proud of.  You are the one who dreamed to achieve those heights, if you can dream it you can make it come true. Let’s be dreamers again, cause when we dreamed we were believers, everything seemed achievable to us.

Life is long enough to dream endlessly, but it’s short of chances. Dreams do come true.

If you had one shot, one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or let it slip?

This is your shot! This is your moment.

Thanks for reading. You are amazing!


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