The Past is in the past


Mark Twain said “I have known many troubles in life, some of them actually happened.” His quote is a sheer reflector of the undeniable fact that our lives are not as miserable as they seem and most of the troubles that we face are by products of our own production of grief.  We solely are responsible for living a life that is hard to live.

We tend to over think and rethink about dark events. It is also said that ‘One gets attracted towards the dark easier than the light.’ It stands true indeed. We often live in ‘back then’ rather than ‘now’ and thus,  relive the moments of despair over and over again stressing ourselves over the same problem, struggling in crossing over the same hurdle which is an event of the past! Remember, the more time you spend on dwelling on the past, the more time you lose from the present and eventually from your future and lifetime is subjected to be definite. It’s unfair on your part to think about the moments that have already hurt you because you deserve the happiness you see on other’s faces!

Your present is always a better place to exist than your past,

No matter how it seems, but life isn’t that hard.

Times of troubles, droughts, storms and hardships,

The faces of hurdles never tend to last.

You are the controller of your own fate,

You just need to leave your past in the past.’

Most of us spends our lives in wishfully thinking about how our lives would’ve been better off, if this or the other thing wouldn’t have happened or ‘why me?’ The answer is simple- what has happened is inevitably irreversible and it’s not just you it happens to everybody, everyone faces problems; some of them chooses to fight and move on. You have sailed through the storm, don’t go back into it. The past is said to haunt people because people let it haunt them. You are the sailor of your own ship, you control its directions.

Let’s live in the present because it’s all that matters,

We’ll forget about the problems and move on with lessons.

But we won’t stop learning from things that has happened,

It’s better to make the best out of present because it will be your past in seconds.


It’s a simple process to live a happy life. Just make the most of the current moment. Let each breath you are taking in inspire you to be better.If you’ll take the present opportunity and make the best out of it, everything will be perfectly alright because the present gets converted in the past in a matter of seconds.

Imagine, if your present is the best phase of your life, your past automatically and eventually becomes the best and your future, which is unpredictable yet shape able through your deeds, becomes the best as a result. And even if your future is full of troubles, you’ll know you could deal it with because when you are not thinking about the past, you are not wasting your present time and hence, rather than worrying about the ancient hurdles you think about solutions to the problems that exists now and utilize it! You’re going to be better.Just live your life to the fullest, live in the moment.

After all, the past is in the past.

Isn’t it?

Thanks a lot for reading! You are incredible!


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