Dark places

Life is not a cake walk and the tag line of my blog ‘life is for living’ is not as easy and thrilling as it sounds when it’s actually applied. Life is an adventure. It is complicated and it’s not always bright. Sometimes life is dark, sometimes it starts trembling at a sudden and sometimes it may seem unfair. But, life has its own way. Yes, it sucks at times or you can say time to time and that’s the magic of it. You can’t cherish the good times if you don’t get the taste of bad times. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been ‘worth living’ right? Eating your favorite dessert after every meal wouldn’t be that great. Monotonous things are never good.

So, this poem is based on the not so brighter side of life. It’s about the low points of your life, my life. Before there’s good, there’s bad. For me there hadn’t been a dull moment because when you’ve been in the darkest places you realize that light is paramount, no matter how faded it is.


I have been there,

Those dark places.

Impenetrable prisons with tall gray walls.

Captives curbed in small spaces.

Untold stories,true, colorful ,soul wrecking

Mine was painted a shade of betrayal and heartbreaks.

Our uniform were unbreakable smiles, silent cries,

Endless tears along with invisible cages.

I didn’t know I was such a great actress

Until, time  transported me to those dark places.

It’s funny when the people who said they cared

Couldn’t catch the smile that you were faking.

Days felt like years in grim shackles,

Tears poured down like rivers of acid.

The flashbacks hurt my sleepless eyes and mind,

The rivers burnt the hope into ashes.

I longed for a helping hand, a hint of light.

No trace of it in those gloomy places.

No friend, family or stranger came forward

To help me mend my pieces.

It was this moment when I realized

‘It’s not dark because there’s no light.

There’s no light, that’s why it’s dark’

And I knew I had to fight.

Without anybody’s help, I stood up

I found light within me.

I earned a lesson, learned a lesson.

I broke away from the cages.

It’s you. Nobody else.

Only you could help yourself.

It’s you who could mend your broken derailed life.

It’s you whose your helping hand.

‘It’s not dark because there’s no light. There’s no light, that’s why it’s dark.’ Think about it. Be your own light because you are the solution of your problems and it’s okay to fall even if you fall again and again.  Just make sure you get up as a better person.You are the best of your own kind. You are worth every beautiful thing. Realize this worth and your true capability. Everybody is good at something. Be your own support and more than that be you because that’s enough.

Thanks for reading!


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