In search of the other half…

This key chain was gifted to me by a girl I once used to consider as a best friend. She used to have the other half of this thing and I used to have this piece with me and as what best friends usually do, we too used to share our every secret with each other, may it be dark or useless. But things turned out nasty between us due to some misunderstandings. I found out that she was betraying me, my trust. So, i stopped talking to her.

After being caught red handed she started spreading rumors about me and let out my secrets and I, I felt broken, shattered. I felt naive, I was not able to accept the fact that she wasn’t what I thought she was, what she showed she was, I trusted her so much.

I had two choices in front of me, either to do the same thing she was doing to me or to be myself. I chose to by myself, I never let out her secrets. I couldn’t just let myself fall to her level. My love for her, my friendship, my loyalty, everything was true back then and will ever remain so.

So, this key chain symbolizes our story, the fact ‘that no matter what people do to you, it’s your heart that defines you. So don’t lose yourself blinded by the urge to take revenge. Just hold it, stay strong and you will win in the end.’ After all, I just lost a piece of the key chain, but I found myself. The other half I was in search of is me.

betrayed yet hopeful
betrayed yet hopeful

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

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