I wrote this poem when I was 15 for my school magazine, but it didn’t get selected . A year later I modified it and made it better and finally it got published. The inspiration behind this poem was realizing the fact ‘Life is what we make of it’. There are always going to be some things and some people who would make us fall hard on the ground, helpless and alone, but it depends on us whether we are going to stay low or stand strong. After all, Life is all about Living it….

Like the sunshine and the enchanting dawn,

Getting dark, getting bright.

Like the cool breeze, sun and snow,

Sometimes warm, sometimes cold.

A few times low but with many times high,

This is our extraordinary life.

Sometimes we cry, sometimes we fight.

Sometimes it seems like an endless night,

But it always comes with a sunrise,

Makes us act like a fool or like a wise,

Changing colors from black to white,

This is our extraordinary life.

It may hug us with the warmth of a friend,

Or may turn into a challenging enemy.

Sometimes like a mother, sometimes like a dad.

Someone’s might full of vanity.

Life is joke cracked million of times,

But only few are enlightened with it’s meaning.

Only a few know it’s importance,

Only a few cares about it.

It’s full of God’s blessings.

Know the importance of your life,

Cause your own deeds forms its phases.

You can make it wrong or make it right,

Everyone have different cases.

You’re the one who can beautify it

Or can destroy.

This is you extraordinary life

Full of sorrows and joys.


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