My Reflection

[Here the word reflection symbolizes your /my– 1.conscience/ inner voice 2.¬†friend….. so please read it twice with different perspectives…thanx!] I wrote this short poem for my most loving,caring and special friend (I am sure everybody has a friend who understand them the most) who is just like my reflection because everything we do is similar, … More My Reflection


One of the many things that hurts me is the sight of homeless old people being treated unfairly or cruelly. Their wrinkled, lifeless, innocent faces get stored in my head immediately when I see them and then I can’t get them out of my head. The grief they feel, the discrimination, betrayal is reflected in … More Homeless


I wrote this poem when I was 15 for my school magazine, but it didn’t get selected . A year later I modified it and made it better and finally it got published. The inspiration behind this poem was realizing the fact ‘Life is what we make of it’. There are always going to be … More Life